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Business survives founder’s death

BroadStreet Financial Group has new team, same values

Stacy Drake

Nevada City Advocate


What started as a chance meeting on an evening in Friar Tucks in 1997 turned into a love affair, marriage and business partnership for the record books.

Paula Gleicher Greenstreet carries on the business she and her husband, Joe Greenstreet, nurtured into BroadStreet Financial Group. Joe passed away after a long illness with neuroendocrine cancer on Aug. 29, 2018, leaving behind his family and business that he started 47 years ago.

“I was new in town working for NVision as a product manager when I met Joe at Friar Tucks. I needed someone to do my taxes,” she says with a laugh, acknowledging the irony.

The two married in 2000 and soon after she was laid off from NVision.

“I was so bored I was painting switch plates to match our couch pillows, and Joe recognized the slippery slope I was on, so he brought me in to work in his office to help with his systems upgrades and the front desk demands of his growing business. ‘You need a job,’ he told me.”

When Paula came on board, they quickly set about to expand the business with their BroadStreet Mortgage Services division. Paula operated that side of the business until they moved in 2008 to their current location on Providence Mine Road in Nevada City. 

Paula then went through two grueling years of training to become an IRS Enrolled Agent and settled into tax preparation and business consulting alongside Joe for their 50 small business clients and over 400 individual clients.

 “I lost a couple of clients when Joe passed. It broke my heart, but I was determined to keep the business going,” Paula said. 

And keep it going she has.

Prior to the 2018 tax season, between October and December, Paula managed to pull together a quality team of tax professionals she dared not hope to get in such a short time.

What makes Paula’s new team so special is that they are all women

“I needed one more enrolled agent to replace Joe’s expertise, and I found her. I needed good tax preparers for our Schedule C small business clients, and I found them. I needed a knowledgeable front-desk person and there she was. It all happened so perfectly. I’m still in awe of how this team of exceptional women came together just when it was needed,” she said. “When everyone was in place, I looked around and went, wow – we’re all women.” 

She does have one man in the office, however, longtime employee Andy Heyman who is working part time in his 15th tax season with BSFG this year.

In the face of losing her husband of 18 years and business partner in the middle of the 2017 tax-extension season, Paula powered through against all odds and managed to staff her business to continue the current services of tax planning and preparation and business consulting, but she also has plans to grow the business into others area of specialty that her new staff can now support.

“We are looking to the future keeping alive the business mantra Joe built his business on over the last 47 years that kindness and people’s needs be above all else. His easy-going, professional style coupled with his vast experience and no-nonsense get-it-done know how will live on at BroadStreet Financial Group,” Paula promised. “I had the best mentor in Joe, and I know he has helped pull my group together. We are all excited about what the future holds for BroadStreet Financial Group and our clients.”

For more information about BroadStreet Financial Group, visit bsfg.net or call 530-265-2860. The office is at 200 Providence Mine Road, Suite 110, Nevada City. Appointments available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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The women of Broadstreet Financial Group (from left): Kristi Day, administrative assistant; Paula Gleicher Greenstreet, senior tax advisor, Notary; Angie Bates, tax advisor; Valerie Spangenberg, tax advisor; Jessie Downs, senior tax advisor.

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Paula Gleicher Greenstreet in her Broadstreet Financial Group office in front of a tribute wall for her late husband and business partner, Joe Greenstreet, who started out in business with an H & R Block office. “This would have been Joe’s 47th tax season,” she says. 

Photos by Stacy Drake